W1GHZ Miniverter for Flex-1500 and Microwave Transverters

Down East Microwave Inc is now taking orders for the W1GHZ Miniverter PCB and PCB kit. They will be available for shipment in the early December time frame. If you are interested in this product, please review Paul’s document on his website at http://www.w1ghz.org/new/Miniverter-F.pdf

After it is read, understand that the Miniverter has been designed to utilize the Flex-1500’s 0.01 -54 MHz of operation (through the transverter ports only). The Miniverter is specifically designed to utilize standard frequency commercially available oscillators to convert the 2meter band to a specified 4 MHz segment within the Flex-1500’s frequency range. The use of a 100 and 133 MHz "canned" oscillators is perfect for 2 Meter operation producing a 44 and 11 MHz IF. (RF – LO = IF or RF frequency minus the oscillator frequency equals the IF or frequency of operation in the Flex-1500) This same calculation is required for 222 and 432 operation but it will be difficult and/or expensive to procure a "canned" oscillator to fit the board producing a frequency of 168 through 221 MHz for the 222 band and 378 through 403 MHz for the 432 band. This means an outboard LO chain will be required for any RF operation outside of the 2meter band. As of now, DEMI will not be providing any oscillators of this type. For now, DEMI will attempt to stock surplus oscillators in the 100 to 133 MHz range and will be sold separately from the board and board kit.

Another point to mention is that the Miniverter and Flex-1500 may not be "drop-in" re-placements for existing microwave systems. The Miniverter is a unity receive gain device providing an maximum of 1 mW of transverter drive on the 2 meter band. These levels my require re-configuration of your existing microwave transverters especially if you plan to replace your FT-815 or 290R.

The Miniverter has been designed to meet a specific purpose in a very economical way. Yes, it is possible to convert the W1GHZ Miniverter to be used with other available transceivers. And yes, DEMI provides LNA’s, Power amplifiers and TR switches that may be added to the Miniverter to extend its ability to be utilized as a "stand alone" transverter. BUT—we, (DEMI and W1GHZ) will not be publishing or providing recommendations to facilitate this. If you wish to experiment, please do so but understand you will be on your own in developing such a system. It is suggested to do a cost vs. performance analysis comparing it to any other transverters on the market if you plan to use the Miniverter for any other purpose other than a Flex-1500 to microwave transverter interface.

The Miniverter board kit, as per W1GHZ’s parts list, less oscillator will be available with the part numbers listed below. RF connectors will not be provided but the kit will include RG-188 Teflon coax and hook up wire.

GHZMIN-144: 144 MHz. RF frequency less oscillator. $59

GHZMIN-222: 222 MHz. RF frequency less oscillator. $59

GHZMIN-432: 432 MHz. RF frequency less oscillator. $59

GHZMIN-PCB: W1GHZ Miniverter PCB only. $6

CLK-110: 110 MHz oscillator for Miniverter (limited stock) $3


These part numbers and pricing will be listed in the accessory section of our on line catalog.